We have experience installing solar pumps that can be used in various applications such as farms, cattle raising, tanks Filling, Rural Water Supply, Irrigation Systems and Renewable Energy Projects. We have installed solar pumps up to a size of 15 HP.

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 General Applications

■ Wastewater

■ Water Treatment Plants

■ Livestock and agriculture

■ Pumping of Rainwater and Water with Solids

■ Mining 

The pumps are vital for the operation of water fountains, to ensure the jets and the recirculation of water, which are key to a healthy aquatic environment. To facilitate recirculation, Little Giant pumps cover a full range of flow rates and are rugged and easy to install.

They are used for Buildings, Hotels, Industry, for energy saving pumping. They replace the old Hydropneumatic systems. 

Variable speed drives for constant water pressure continuously regulate the speed of the pump to adjust to the demand for water. What the system does is pump a greater or lesser amount of water according to the need.


We use it extensively in buildings, to keep the pressure at the outlet constant, when demand constantly changes and the pressure in the system must be kept constant. In fountains to raise and lower the water jets. It is also used to adjust the operational working point of the pump to the water demand.  

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