It shows part of the range of nozzles available for fountains, classified according to the effect they produce on the water jets. If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us to help you with your ornamental fountain project.


With this type of nozzle, a crystalline effect is achieved in the water, making it move inside the nozzle in a laminar regime. To avoid turbulence, all the nozzles of this group are provided with short jets that “calm down” the water regime. The goal is to get a clear stream of water, which means that it does not have air inside it. The most representative jet of this nozzle is the crystal jet

frothy foamy nozzleThe objective of this type of nozzle is to generate "white or foamy" jets of water in ornamental fountains. 

For this, it is necessary to generate a turbulent regime within the nozzle and this is accomplished in two ways:

1. The outlet jet drags a column of water, for which it must be submerged (Cascade).

2. Mix air and water by venturi effect. Both effects can be combined (Geyser, cascade).

Thanks to the dancing nozzles –also known as dynamic nozzles– we are able to give dynamism to the water and obtain attractive water games suitable for use both in cybernetic fountains and in musical fountains where the rhythm of the music merges with the movement of the water.

With this type of nozzles we manage to give "life to the water" obtaining an especially attractive effect at night, where illuminated they can fill any architectural space.

These types of rotating nozzles have been designed to add to architectural fountain projects that feature water games, which are an essential part of any musical or dancing fountain. Therefore, we believe that they will not leave anyone unimpressed, and that you will be able to use them in decorative indoor water features, or as a feature in any urban space.


With this type of fountain nozzles a volume of water spray is generated, whose droplet size is not greater than 1 mm. In this type of water jets it is not necessary to achieve high heights in the water fountains but rather large volumes, the optimal effect is achieved by joining several nozzles such as the spray cloud or by means of a circular collector. Thanks to this fact, the lighting manages to completely change the appearance of the ornamental fountain day and night. In addition, the oxygenation of the water is favored. 

Spherical water jets: This type of fountain nozzles deserves a separate classification, due to its particular appearance and behavior. They could be classified as crystalline because each individual nozzle generates a transparent water disc, but the end result is the union of hundreds of discs that generates a spherical (or semi-spherical) volume, which is also worth noting when moving large volumes of water, in its fall they form a large cylinder.

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